Crises Are Like Particle Accelerators For Brands

Brands are built on reputation and trust that needs to be marrow-deep. In today’s digital age, news spreads everywhere. Instantly. And if crisis strikes…it’s already too late if you don’t have a prepared strategy. You are not entitled to your own facts the media are. From professional crisis and activist campaigns to industrial accidents, doing business in the big leagues makes serious issues inevitable. How companies seize the moment can separate leaders from ambush and potential collapse. 

You Are How You React

With a proven track record of helping corporate management anticipate and handle crises – and protecting and strengthening their reputations – we help clients anticipate reputational vulnerabilities, build crisis response systems and provide strategic communications counsel for a wide variety of issues and crisis situations in virtually every industry.

From establishing a chain of command to coordinating messaging, through to monitoring industry data, social spikes and identifying influencers handling a PR crisis boils down to one thing…already having a strategy in place. We cover the spectrum:

– Strategic counsel and on-site crisis management support
– Leadership message development and positioning
– Media relations
– Crisis assessment and mitigation
– Preparedness planning
– Media training
– Social media/digital strategy development

Side effects may include inspiration, brand bravery and a healthy dose of disdain for the status quo. 

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