The Media Needs Hard Answers Fast

Musk joining the twitter board will make the platform public square of opinion, says Dean Crutchfield – CNBC

Insurance Seems To Replace Beer As Big TV Advertiser – MediaPost

Joe Rogan v Neil Young on Spotify – TRT World

Super Bowl Ads Suggest the Future Is Now—From Crypto to the Metaverse – The Wall Street Journal

Peloton has the potential to be a strong franchise, says Crutchfield & Partners CEO – CNBC

Ripple Effects Proposition 22 Could Set Off – Adweek

‘Marketing myopia’: Quibi’s flameout – Digiday

LeBron takes Super Bowl off-roading in GM’s new electric Hummer – NBC News

Nike risks being dragged into China NBA dispute – Financial Times

NBA will keep apologizing to China to protect its business interests – CNBC Power Lunch

Amid rift with China, will the NBA be forced to apologize? – ESPN

How the NBA made a no-win situation worse – PR Week

NBA Business at Stake in China – Nightly Business Report

CGI models and the future of the fashion industry – CGTN Global Business

Gillette’s ‘toxic masculinity’ ad haunts P&G as shaving giant takes $8B writedown – Washington Times

A brand expert weighs in on Nike pulling the ‘Betsy Ross’ flag sneakers – CNBC

What Should Boeing CEO say in his big speech – CNBC Squawk Box

Behind Instagram-friendly photos, an e-cigarette company collects valuable data – NBC News

Apex Legends’ Is EA’s Move to Out-Fortnite ‘Fortnite – The Wall Street Journal

Jeff Bezos Could Become The Biggest Joke in the World – CNBC Power Lunch

For Amazon, It’s Not Too Early to be Talking About Its Next CEO – Barron’s

P&G Challenges Men to Shave Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’ in Gillette Ad – The Wall Street Journal

Johnson & Johnson should respond boldly to asbestos report – CNBC Squawk Box

Here’s What You Can Learn From Taylor Swift’s Viral Instagram Post – Inc.

Why a Facebook executive’s appearance at the Kavanaugh hearing was a big mistake – Yahoo Finance

What’s in a Name Change? For Those Saying U.S.M.C.A., a Mouthful – The New York Times

Tesla needs a Sheryl Sandberg or Tim Cook – CNBC Power Lunch

How to Build Retail Brands – China Global Business News

60 Minutes Investigates – Yahoo Finance

The Growing Potential of Chinese Brands – China 24

Starbucks Faces Outcry After the Philadelphia Arrests – CNBC Power Lunch

Allegiant’s Safety Record Under Fire After 60 Minutes report – CNBC Power Lunch

What’s next for Facebook’s Ad Model? – The Wall Street Journal

Crisis management expert on Facebook: This has been a total sham – CNBC Power Lunch

How can Facebook Regain Trust? – Al Jazeera Global

Snap Contends With User Outcry: New Isn’t Necessarily Better – The Wall Street Journal

Can Walmart’s Global Strategy Keep It On Top – China Global TN

How Big Business Can Play a Role in Gun Sales – Nightly Business Report

The Rise of The Subscription Service Economy – China Global TN

What Wynn Resorts Need to Do About Steve Wynn? – CNBC Power Lunch

Wal-Mart’s Bumpy Week – CNBC Power Lunch

Apple under investigation: how consumers are impacted – Al Jazeera

With Amazon’s Rumored Entry Into Pharma, CVS Is Eyeing Aetna and Walgreens Is Rebranding – Adweek

Sears Stopped Buying National TV Ads in Critical Holiday Season – The Wall Street Journal

Goodell attempts to sidestep NFL protest backlash – PR Daily

Debate over Trump pits CEOs against marketable clients – CGTN

Sean Spicer quits as White House press secretary – I24News

Chinese smartphone brands boast stronger presence in India – China Global TV Network

Here’s who could lead Uber out of its scandals – Yahoo Financial

How Uber Can Fix its Reputation – Yahoo Financial

How Should United Handle the Fallout from the Passenger Being Dragged Off the Aircraft? – CNBC Power Lunch

It’s not just you: Advertising Insiders Think Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad Was A Disaster – Buzzfeed

What to Do When Trump Attacks? – i24 News

Companies Taking Sides on Trump – Buzzfeed

Defense is On the Defensive with Trump. What’s the Best Way Forward? – CGTV News

P&G’s Gillette Swipes at Harry’s in New Ad Campaign – The Wall Street Journal

Kellogg Under Fire for Pulling Ads from Breitbart – The New York Post

Samsung’s Brand May Not Have Taken as Big of Hit as Expected in Recall – Mashable

Brand Tight Rope Following New Balance Outrage  – CNBC Power Lunch

MetLife Grounds Snoopy. Curse You, Red Baron!  – The New York Times

Samsung’s Response to Galaxy Note 7 Crisis Draws Criticism  – The New York Times

Trying to Disrupt the Auto Industry With The Onion’s Help –  The New York Times

Final Presidential Debate  – CNBC Power Lunch

Apple has a Responsibility to Innovate  –  CNBC Power Lunch

Is Pokemon Go a Big Hit for Nintendo?  – NBR Nightly Business Report

Ikea in Record 29m Furniture Recall in US After 3 Deaths  –  Financial Times

PepsiCo Weighs Another Fix to Diet Pepsi  – The Wall Street Journal

Forbes Valuable Brands Report  –  CCTV News

High Times Wants to Be the Playboy of Pot  – The New York Times

Do Brands Benefit From Making a Scene on Social Media?  – Mashable

How Can Sharapova Regain Trust?  – CNBCs NBR, March 9th, 2016

Violating Privacy or Fighting ‘Terrorism’?  –  Al Jazeera Global News

Pharmaceutical Super Bowl Ads Fall Flat  –  The Wall Street Journal

How Brands Deal with Bad Names  – Central China TV

Lehman Brothers Still With Us in Spirits, via Scotch Whisky  –  The Wall Street Journal

Many Super Bowl Commercials Were Sobering and Heartfelt  – The Wall Street Journal

Can’t Anyone here Play this Game?  – Bank Director

Imperial Eschews ‘Tobacco’ in Name Change  – The Wall Street Journal

Verizon Commercial Suggests a Thanksgiving Without Phones  – The New York Times

Stephen Colbert Gets Last Laugh With Tech Execs  – The Wall Street Journal

Williams is One of the Most Dominant Athletes in any Sport, But Her Paychecks Don’t Show it  – Mashable

Do Brands Benefit from Making a Scene on Social Media?  – Mashable

Former Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty to Child-Sex Charges  – The Wall Street Journal

What’s in a Name? The ABCs of Google’s New Parent Company Alphabet  – The Wall Street Journal

Today in Politics: Drowned Out by Donald Trump, Other Candidates Clamor for Space Onstage  – The New York Times

What’s Old Is New Again As Brands Revive Characters Like The Hamburglar and Colonel  -The Wall Street Journal

Will Trump’s Business Performance Affect his Presidential Bid?  – MSNBCs The Shift

Subway’s Jared Fogle, from Inspiration to Suspicion  – CNN

Carlsberg Is Launching a Line of Men’s Grooming Products, All Made With Beer  –  Adweek

Sponsors Step Up Pressure on Fifa Over Corruption Probe  – Financial Times

FIFA Corporate Sponsors ‘Concerned’ By Corruption Charges  – The Washington Post

Hamburglar and Colonel Sanders Are Back to Sell Fast Food  – The New York Times

PepsiCo to Replace Aspartame in Diet Pepsi in U.S.  –  Dow Jones Business News

Target Website, Apps Overwhelmed by Demand for Lilly Pulitzer  – The Wall Street Journal

Shooting Arrows at Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Logo  – The New York Times

Too Risqué for New York City’s Subways? Some Ads Test Limits  – The New York Times

CCTV – Why Are Luxury Brands Discounting in China?  – CCTV

American Horse Racing isn’t Dead – But it’s Getting Awfully Close  – The Guardian

Starbucks CEO Clarifies Racial Dialogue Initiative  – CCTV

Starbucks Initiative on Race Relations Draws Attacks Online  – The New York Times

RadioShack Tried to Make a Comeback With This Super Bowl Ad Last Year – The Wall Street Journal

Flikr is Trying to Change it’s Image  –  CNET

Silicon Valley’s Would-Be Martha Stewart  – Fortune

NFL Brand Tarnished But Remains Unbreakable  – NBC News

The Marketers Guide to Buying an Old P&G Brand  –  The Wall Street Journal

5 Words Major Brands are Fighting Over  – Adweek

Big Tobacco Tries to Don a New Look. Are You Buying it?  –  NBC News

Tech Companies Secret Weapon: Animal Logos  – The Wall Street Journal

Apple’s $3B Beats Purchase: What They’re Saying  – Fortune

Streamy Romance: Americans Love Affair With B-movies goes Digital  – Adweek

Designers Invite You to Sleep Over  – WWD/Footwear News

Snowboard Makers Gain Precious Air With Creative Spin  – NBC News

Ad Bowl Winners: Radioshack, Bud, Chrysler  – Wall Street Journal

Influence of Jackson Verdict is Limited  – New York Times,

‘Share a Coke’ Credited With a Pop in Sales  – The Wall Street Journal

Chipotle Serves Up a Master Class on Digital Marketing  – Financial Times

Effort to Turn the Tide as P&G Loses Luster  – FT

Super Bowl Ad Buzz Turns into a Fizzle  – FT

Is Kate Upton’s New Mercedes Ad Too Tacky-Sexy? – Yahoo

Super Bowl Advertisers Turn To Social Media – NBC

An Apple-Branded Nascar Rig – Fortune

Sonos Builds Beyond its Bass – Fortune

Pepsi Partners with Jackson’s Estate – The Wall Street Journal

Mondewhaaaat? Kraft Saddles Snack Foods with Cheesy Name – New York Post

Can’t Buy Trust, Banking New York – Print Only

Paula Deen Pitch Hard to Swallow – The Wall Street Journal

 The End of Beckham’s US Odyssey – Al Jazeera

Is iPhone Losing its Cool Factor? – The Wall Street Journal

Abercrombies ‘Situation’: Biting the Abs That Feed it – The Wall Street Journal

The ABC’s Of Renaming The NYSE – The Wall Street Journal

Cause Tied Marketing Requires Care – The Wall Street Journal

Verizon Preps iPhone Plan – The Wall Street Journal

Fastest-Growing PR stunt: Get into Guinness Records – The Wall Street Journal

Goldman’s New Ads: Healing the Damage from “God’s Work”? – The Wall Steet Journal

Peltz Pairing of Wendy’s-Arby’s Proves Unpalatable to Investors – Bloomberg

Virgin’s Richard Branson Circles his Wagons – Time Magazine

RIM Needs a Lift with Blackberry 6 – Bloomberg Business Week

Shell Oil breaks Industry Silence with Aggressive Ad Campaign – Adage

A Mattress at $33,000 – The Wall Street Journal

Job’s Selling Prowess Stays Strong – Bloomberg Business Week/MSNBC

Jobs steps up attack on Adobe’s Flash – Business Week

Tiger Woods Should Shut and Play Golf – Business Week

After Tiger Woods’ Mea Culpa, Now What? – Advertising Age

Denny’s, Coke and Snickers Score in Ad Bowl – The Wall Street Journal

Toyota Sends in Jim Lentz for Cross Media Damage Control  – Adage,

Foreign Auto Makers Suit Up for Super Bowl – The Wall Street Journal

Toppers Pizza Wants a Big Slice of a Small Pie – Forbes

Tech Firms Make a Bet with Ad Blitz – The Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Sets Ad Campaign to Lure Back Web Users – The Wall Street Journal

Thrifty Fans help Subaru Weather the Recession – Brandweek

Hummer’s Next Ride –

Ten Things to Think About Hard Before Featuring the Chairman in the Advertising – AdAge

DJ Plays Up Obama’s Cool-Guy Spin –

What Did Shaq Just Tweet? A New Web Site Knows  – The New York Times

Brinks Set to Unveil an $120M Rebranding Effort – Adage

Microsoft’s Ballmer Pledges Big Budget for Bing –

Nike Quietly Goes Green – Business Week

‘Search Overload Syndrome’: Bing Campaign Takes on Google –

With Bing, Microsoft Marketing Push Aims to Shift Spotlight from Google – The Seattle Times

Soap Makers, Others Hitch Ads to Swine Flu  – The Wall Street Journal

Monster, Doritos Score in Big Game Blitz – Superbowl 09 – The Wall street Journal

Pool Fool Letting Endorsement Deals Go Up in Smoke – New York Post

Ads Glitz Sacked by $lump – Superbowl 09 – New York Post

Super Bowl Spotlight isn’t All Good for Cash4Gold – Advertising Age

It’s So Uncool Not to be in the Brand Band – The Sunday Telegraph

Free Dr. Pepper for All as Guns N’ Roses Album Releases is Set – Advertising Age

Pepsi Sign to Get a lot More Pop – Daily News

Tesco’s Fresh and Easy: Are Magic Numbers Ahead –

Athletes’ New Game: Their Own Web Ads  – The Wall Street Journal

Bank of America’s Brand Power – New York Post

Philosophy for Sale – Globe and

Celeb Overkill Saps Commercial Appeal – New York Post

How to Reenergize Starbucks – Business Week

Oscars Special: 30 Sec. Chick Flicks – New York Post

Coke, Clydesdales Score with the Super Bowl Viewers  – The Wall Street Journal

What’s in a Name? A Lot it Turns Out – Fast Company

On the Internet, It’s All About ‘My’  – The New York Times

Going for the Gold – Billboard

What’s Hot for 08? – Adweek

Sinatra Still the Chairman with Hit Album – Reuters

Are the Olympics Worth it? – Portfolio

Beverage Bigs Battle Bottle Backlash – Brand Week

Tailspin Gets a New Meaning – Advertising Age

Sinatra Still the Chairman With Hit Album – Billboard

At 100 GM looks Ahead to Better Days – Brand Week

Critics Say Gates-Seinfeld Duo No Laughing Matter – Wall Street Journal

Visa Dangles $600 Million for Holding Co. That Can Help it Regain Identity  – Advertising Age

Microsoft’s New Ad Creates PR Possibilities  –  PR Week

A Brand New Day – Billboard

Ad Agencies, Already Lean, Are Cutting Their Payrolls –  The Wall Street Journal

Striving for Balance Between Losses and Laughs – The New York Times

Super Bowl Hit, Recession Fears Blitzing Ad Industry Showcase – New York Post

A New Look for McDonald’s – Business Week

TV campaign is Culture Shift for Starbucks  –  The Wall Street Journal

Post Office Aims to Leave Yesterday’s Image Behind – The New York Times

Docks to Woo Women at Trunk Shows – The Wall Street Journal

The Wild Ones at Allstate – Business Week

Too Many Forgotten Bow to Play the Name Game – Advertising Age

McDonald’s, a Redesign Starts to Pay Off – International Herald Tribune

McDonald’s, But with Flair – The New York Times

Volvo Moves Gingerly to be Sexy Anthony Fontanelle, August 31st 2007, The Wall Street Journal

Millipore Sees Bigger Tech Role – The Boston Globe

Brewers to Tap New Marketing Power – The Wall Street Journal

With Economy Volatile, Financial Firms Start to Stress Stability – The New York Times

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