Helping Attacker Brands Sell More, Seize More, and Win More.

Led the brand transformation for a global games manufacturer

Created brand strategy for world’s No.1 crowdfunding platform

Repositioned a global nanotechnology-based business

Grew global financial brand measurement firm

Generated business for digital agency with leading insurance, PE and law firms

Rebuilt SaaS start-up to a multimillion-dollar valuation

Won major luxury/fashion brands for leading design agency

Acted as global brand advisor for global e-cig brand

Built a pipeline of F100 brands for global research firm

Innovated a new media platform with an international manufacturing company

Raised interest for AI sports startup with leading VCs in the category

Targeted and won global programs for a leading brand agency

Built the reputation and new clients for leading NYC executive search firm

Transformed global genetic testing company into a health & wellness provider

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