Musk joining the twitter board will make the platform public square of opinion, says Dean Crutchfield

Dean Crutchfield, CEO of the brand management firm Crutchfield + Partners, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss what Elon Musk can bring to Twitter to revitalize its business. – CNBC

Insurance Seems To Replace Beer As Big TV Advertiser

Dean Crutchfield of Crutchfield & Partners said those advertisers are trying to humanize insurance by using wit and humor, to  “get a halo around those multiple campaigns that, in a sense, show more personality [from] the brand.” – MediaPost

Super Bowl Ads Suggest the Future Is Now—From Crypto to the Metaverse

“Clearly, this Super Bowl was all about innovation and the future, with many new businesses and industries looking to put a stake in the ground,” said Dean Crutchfield, founder of branding agency Crutchfield & Partners. – WSJ

Peloton has the potential to be a strong franchise, says Crutchfield & Partners CEO

Dean Crutchfield, CEO of Crutchfield & Partners, joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss what Peloton should do moving forward to remain relevant. – CNBC

Ripple Effects Proposition 22 Could Set Off

Adweek “For people who want to get into [an app-based] business, you suddenly have a legitimized business model,” said Dean Crutchfield, chief growth officer of agency Crutchfield and Partners. “If you’re looking to invest in this market or develop a business that wants to get into this market, this is a massive boost in confidence.” – Adweek

‘Marketing myopia’: Quibi’s flameout

“Advertisers are “clawing for anything that makes it viable” for the ad-supported TV and video model to continue, said Dean Crutchfield, CEO of marketing and growth consulting firm Crutchfield + Partners. Ultimately, advertisers who took the plunge on Quibi fell victim to a bad case of “marketing myopia”, Crutchfield said. “They were looking from the inside out and not the outside in — that was a major calamity for them,” added Crutchfield. “They made too many assumptions … they believed [Quibi] had permission to be in the market, where, actually, they didn’t have permission from users.” Digiday

LeBron takes Super Bowl off-roading in GM’s new electric Hummer

LeBron takes Super Bowl off-roading in GM’s new electric Hummer – NBC News
“There is still power in the Hummer brand,” Dean Crutchfield, a branding expert at Crutchfield and Partners, said. “America likes it big. Not everyone wants to be Paris slim, and Hummer is a symbol of American success.”

Nike risks being dragged into China NBA dispute

Nike risks being dragged into China NBA dispute – Financial Times
Dean Crutchfield said that despite the demands from the likes of Mr Rubio he would advise the company stay quiet. “Nike didn’t create this war…any crisis manager would same the same: avoid, avoid, avoid. If they play it right, they’re going to sell a lot more merchandise.”